Monday, September 14, 2009

Book Pick for October

The Last Treasure

by Janet S Anderson
The Last Treasure Cover

Publisher Comments:

From the author of Going Through the Gate, here is an extraordinary work of the imagination, a puzzle mystery book in which the prize is the redemption of a family.


Candy said...

Nice pick, Lauri.

My favorite part--when Elizabeth was talking to Ellwsorth about the note in the ceiling crack that said "Let light and life break through": "Yes, I know. Silly. But just tuck in into the back of your mind for the times when life seems, well, seems to be falling apart. That's the best time for . . . things to open up. For all kinds of unexpected things to make their way through. Not just bad ones. Good ones, too."

Anonymous said...

Here's what I liked about the book....

I liked the feeling of this family had this entire plot of land and homes to themselves with the "park" in the middle. Although it sounded nice, I don't think I could actually live that way in real family drives me crazy.

I also liked how the children ended up being the treasure. It was a cute story of the power of family and how we are all each other's greatest treasure.

(Ahh...sniff...sniff....I must be hormonal.)

Anonymous said...
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Annell said...

I knew I would like the book as soon as I saw the cover. I liked all the family history and how practically everyone in the family knew about their ancestors. I liked the feeling of home as well.

Favorite Line from pg. 247:

"Provenance, you know. We need provenance."

"Yeah," said Ellsworth, "Okay. I don't know."

So like a teenager.

Lauri said...

My favorite quote is on page 34-
"Who cared about the outside? It was inside that mattered. Because inside could be anything at all."

When I finished the book I wanted to just sit quietly...maybe I am part Quaker.

Susan said...

I loved it! Easy read and great characters! I want to visit the Square!

Stephanie :) said...

Lauri's quote is my favorite too. If only I could remember that more often.