Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Seven Wonders of Sassafras Springs

It is a tale of transformation, of finding the extraordinary in the ordinary, of the wonderful things that can happen anywhere to anyone. In Sassafras Springs, MO, in the summer of 1923, Eben McAllister, 11, is fascinated by the Seven Wonders of the World. Pa assures him that there are marvels right under his nose. In fact, the man challenges him to find Seven Wonders in seven days in Sassafras Springs. If Eben can do so, his father will buy him a ticket to visit his cousins in Colorado where he'll be able to see a mountain. Perfect for reading aloud. (Blatantly lifted from Amazon's website, FYI)


Anne said...

I enjoyed the book, very easy read. I hope Aunt Pretty gets together with Uncle Alf.

Lauri said...

This was a fast fun book to read. It made you think about what kind of wonderfuls are all around us. I also liked the illustrations.

Favorite quote page 195: "Eben, there are two kinds of folks: those who are satisfied right where they are and those with an itch to see the rest of the that you've found seven Wonders, I'll bet you'll be noticing new ones every day."

Anonymous said...

This was such a sweet story. I really enjoyed it. It made me feel very sentimental because I had an Uncle that would tell us that we should always enjoy the beauty of our home along with traveling the world.

"I keep this cloth hanging on my wall to remind me that there are some things you can't hide, so you might as well be honest." - pg. 175

Annell said...

What a great little story! It is a nice reminder to stop and take a look around you...there are wonders all over the place, even right under your own nose. Loved this one. I also hope Aunt Pretty gets together with Uncle Alf.

Favorite Line:
I looked down at that tiny Sassafras Springs and thought about Juniors egg and Lessie Mull's log cabin quilt, Mrs. Saylor's jade bracelet and Aunt Pretty's green glass beads, Eulie Rowan's worn table and Calvin Smiley's ordinary saw. "I was only looking for big things," I told him. "But a small thing can be a prize too. pg. 196

Lucinda said...

Such a fun read! Loved all the little stories combined to make one whole. I do hope the story will continue!

"I had sung that tune a million times in church, but it had never sounded like this before. The music drifted across the pews, sweet and sad and hopeful all at once".


"I was merely a humble instrument of the Lord that day. And the Saw was my humble instrument. If you want to call anything a Wonder- glory be- this saw is a wonder for certain".

Pam said...

Loved the book, it was really sweet and I loved all the characters. Eben's dad seemed like a very positive & happy person, I realy liked him. As with the rest I hope Aunt Pretty and Uncle Alf find true love :)

Favorite Quote: "I was only looking for big things" I told him. "But a small thing can be a prize too."