Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mistress of Nothing - August Book of the Month


When Lady Duff Gordon, paragon of London society, departs for the hot, dry climate of Egypt to seek relief from her debilitating tuberculosis, her lady’s maid, Sally, doesn’t hesitate to leave the only world she has known in order to remain at her mistress’s side. As Sally gets farther and farther from home, she experiences freedoms she has never known—forgoing corsets and wearing native dress, learning Arabic, and having her first taste of romance.

But freedom is a luxury that a lady’s maid can ill afford, and when Sally’s newfound passion for life causes her to forget what she is entitled to, she is brutally reminded she is mistress of nothing. Ultimately she must choose her master and a way back home—or a way to an unknown future. (bn.com)


Lauri said...

After getting over my disappointment that we were not reading about robots, I did finish the book. I hate to be the person that seems to never like any books; however I didn't really like this one. I do not enjoy reading about proper English people who seem to be racist and think they are better than everyone else.

The only character I liked was Mabrouka. It would of helped if I had read the author's notes first and realized that Lucie Duff Gordon was a real person. Not that I would of liked the book more, I just might of been a little less critical of the characters as I was reading it.

I can only hope that next time Linda chooses SciFi.

Anne said...

I am glad we weren't reading about robots ;). I liked the book, it was interesting to learn about the different customs of the Egyptians. I didn't realize lucie was a real character either. She was harsh by today's standards, but she was reacting according to her upbringing and the times she lived. I wish Sally would have been more outspoken, but then again, that is not how things were then.