Monday, January 11, 2010


When Hazel Marie Puckett and her nine-year-old son, Little Lloyd, show up on Julia Springer's doorstep in Abbotsford, North Carolina, Miss Julia receives the shock of her long and proper life. After 44 years of marriage to pillar-of-church-and-community Wesley Lloyd Springer, she discovers that while she had assumed he was working late at the family bank, he was engaged in other, more carnal, pursuits. For, as Hazel Marie shyly explains, Little Lloyd is Miss Julia's late husband's son. His arrival in Miss Julia's life sets off a chain of events that involves a hypocritical minister, a violent beating, a crooked televangelist, a high-speed car chase, a kidnapping, and a surprising revelation about her late husband's will. Miss Julia not only speaks her mind but also comes to a deeper understanding of the meaning of love, friendship, and trust.


Candy said...

Okay, I am only on page 23, but I love, love, LOVE this book. This old lady has personality up the wazoo. (Is that how you spell "wazoo"? I haven't had much call to use it in my lifetime.) More to come, I'm sure.

Anne said...

I really enjoyed this book. I have already gotten two more to read, there are quite a few in the series. I was not happy with the way Miss Julia's husband treated her, and the preacher is reprehensible, but she is so strong, I really like her. I don't think I would have been so forgiving of the "other" woman, but she was in such pitiful shape, it does seem heartless to not help her out, and the little boy can't be blamed for his father's poor behavior. I REALLY like Lillian, she's got guts and common sense enough for them all. I am looking forward to the other books, I am sure there will be plenty of interesting plots and romances aplenty. Good pick Stephanie!

Lauri said...

This was a good pick Stephanie. It is so nice to read a happy book. It is fast and fun and best of all no cancer. The characters are so real that they could be based off of people we all know. I was happy to see there are more books about her.
Page 43 "I expect that flyaway hair was one reason for her serious demeanor. I've always found that you have to compensate in other ways when your hair won't behave."
Page 68 "Little Lloyd was asleep on the floor...He could sleep wherever he wanted to. His Daddy certainly had."

Annell said...

I really love this book, even the second time around. Miss Julia cracks me up. The characters are very real (some of them so much I disliked them intensely). As much as I didn't like the Pastor, I felt he was crucial to Miss Julia's deciding she wasn't going to put up with anyone's garbage anymore.

Favorite Quote;

I put down my cup and said, "Have you had a movement since you've beeen here?"

Coffee sloshed over into his saucer. "Ma'am?"

"Your bowels. Have they moved yet?"

His eyes veered wildly behind his glasses as he looked from one side of the kitchen to another. "Yessum. A little."

"Well, you need to have a good one today. I've always found that you can handle problems better if you have regular movements on a daily basis. I have some Ex'lax if you need it."

Pg. 41

Lucinda said...

Loved,Loved, Loved this book. Her visual imagery is amazing! I only home the others live up to it. I want to see something happen with Sam!

Anonymous said...

This was such a cute story. I liked how light-hearted it was. It was just a cute story about friends gumption. I really enjoyed it. I kept trying to fold down corners of my favorite quotes, but I was turning down to many! She just had a cute style of writing.