Sunday, August 16, 2015

Lauri's Pick for September:

Baba's Daughter: Memoirs of a Persian-American Girl 

by Jessica Shahriari Nicely

Baba's Daughter: Memoirs of a Persian-American Girl 

When Jessica Shahriari Nicely stepped onstage in the Miss USA pageant, she was a young woman who projected poise and confidence to the world. This image, however, masked the pain and anguish of growing up in a turbulent home ruled by an alcoholic, abusive father. Even early on, Jessica knew that life with her Iranian father was not typical, nor was it normal for a mother to abandon her family. And yet normalcy was something this girl yearned for, something that spurred her to dream and create a detailed vision for her future—a vision that became her lifeline.
In these pages, Jessica bravely tells her story. She recounts a childhood marked by loss and punctuated by physical violence, emotional abuse, and shocking neglect. She describes letdowns from helping professionals and rays of hope from extended family members and friends. You’ll learn how she developed the fortitude and incredible spirit to not only endure incredible suffering in her home but to emerge a happy, productive adult.


Lauri said...

Once I started this book I was unable to put it down. I was so touched by the sweet spirit Jessica has about her. This is not a book of sadness; it is a book of forgiveness, healing, God, hope and love. I finished this book feeling that it is possible to overcome childhood pain and abuse. It made me look at others and their situations differently and kinder. I also immediately called my father and thanked him for raising me in a way that I scored a zero.

Favorite Quotes: "...if an abused child has just one source of hope, one person who gives them guidance and love, who reaches out to them, they can survive and thrive despite the abuse. Chapter 4

"Forgiveness is really the key: Forgiveness helps strip away the anger and fear. Forgiveness allows our hearts to expand and creates space for us to pursue all the things we want, all that happiness and love, all our dreams." Chapter 10

Annell said...

This one was a hard one for me to get through, mostly because it was so so real, and you all know how much I don't love real books. Especially books that even remotely hit close to home for my kiddos. I'm glad I read it though. The author is an amazing, strong, brave and beautiful woman. I'm so sad I wasn't able to attend book club to meet her.

I love the quotes Lauri stated above. Especially the one on forgiveness. Forgiveness really is the key.