Monday, January 11, 2010


When Hazel Marie Puckett and her nine-year-old son, Little Lloyd, show up on Julia Springer's doorstep in Abbotsford, North Carolina, Miss Julia receives the shock of her long and proper life. After 44 years of marriage to pillar-of-church-and-community Wesley Lloyd Springer, she discovers that while she had assumed he was working late at the family bank, he was engaged in other, more carnal, pursuits. For, as Hazel Marie shyly explains, Little Lloyd is Miss Julia's late husband's son. His arrival in Miss Julia's life sets off a chain of events that involves a hypocritical minister, a violent beating, a crooked televangelist, a high-speed car chase, a kidnapping, and a surprising revelation about her late husband's will. Miss Julia not only speaks her mind but also comes to a deeper understanding of the meaning of love, friendship, and trust.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

This is for Candy...

Candy entered a contest that will (hopefully) help her get her book published. And in order to do this, she needs to link back to the contest on her blog. Since she is one of our most illustrious bloggers, she thought it would be appropriate to blog it here. We also thought it would be appropriate (and it could get us a little more traffic). Although Jennifer's family has done a fantastic job of boosting our non-club member postings (some of them have posted more than some of our members), if we get readers that aren't related to any of us, it might give us some street cred.

Here is the link to the contest. Although Candy might not like this, if any of you have a COMPLETED YA or MG book (whatever that is, said the non-reader), follow the link to enter the contest. But since none of us naughties have a completed book of any kind (other than Candy), I think she is safe.

Kidlit Contest

PS-How do you like that I change from first to third person as it suits us?