Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Candy's pick for November: Heads You Lose, by Lisa Lutz and David Hayward

Yes, I know you're sick of hearing me and Anne talk about it, so I'll just have everyone read it, so you'll know why we love it. (Unless you hate it, I suppose!) For those of you who haven't heard me and Anne, this is a book written (presumably) by a former couple who take turns writing chapters. They start out fairly friendly, but their relationship disintegrates--along with the book, until you can't imagine how they can possibly come up with a solution to the messy mystery they've concocted. Hope you like it! (Unless someone can show me how to add a picture, we will be pictureless this month. :))


Linda Bigelow said...

Interesting story. It was kind of hard for me to get into at first because I have a hard time with unedited manuscripts....but it got better as I got into it. I liked the story between th authors best and how it played out in their novel,

However, I am not convinced that this is two different authors. I think it is all Lisa Lutz. It all just sounded like her.

Anyway.....funny little book. I enjoyed it.

Annell said...

I liked the actual story of the novel enough to finish the book. The part where the author's wrote back and forth to each other...not so much. This one just wasn't my cup of tea.

Favorite Quotes:
"A plane crash will cause a stir almost anywhere, but in a place like Mercer it drew residents to the site like zombies to fresh brains." pg. 69 (on my iPad)

"But whenever you try not to think about something, that's when you can't escape it. So she let herself think, just for a minute." pg. 94 (on my iPad)

Pam said...

When I wasn't reading the book I found myself thinking about it. I guess that means I liked it, both the storyline and the author letters. Not a big fan of all the "language", in my opinion it's just not necessary. It wasn't enough to make me stop reading but wish there would have been less.

Looking forward to discussing this with the ladies next week!

Candy said...

Oh, gosh, yes, Pam. I'm so sorry about the language. It's funny how you forget about it afterward, and only remember the story. Probably not a good thing. . .

Lauri said...

I could never keep track of who was writing which chapter. I wish they would of had different fonts for each author. Like Annell I liked the main story more than the writers story. I didn't really like any of the characters in the book and ended up reading the end after chapter 6 to see if I was willing to finish the book. I did finish it, and ended up liking Sook best for no real reason.

"But still, she had gotten used to him and now she'd have to get unused to him."

"This keeps up, we're gonna have to change the population sign."