Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Celia's Book Pick For September

Next book club will be at Celia's house on September 14th. Her pick is......

The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen

Happy Reading Everyone!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What I Learned at Book Club This Month: vol 7

For anyone who has ever been to a book club, you know that it's about more than just books.

Sometimes book club is all about the laughs. Sometimes it's a group therapy session. Sometimes it's a free labor camp. Sometimes it's even a center for higher learning. And sometimes, times like last book club, we really dive into the meat of life.

I can't get into the details of our conversation--it was far too private, but I will try to succintly sum it up for you.

Life is a gift comprised of many different packages. Some packages are big. Some packages are small. Some packages are very unexpected and completely take you by surprise. Sometimes we're happy with the package we receive, and sometimes not so much. Sometimes we're so disturbed by the package we receive that we mistakenly view it as a whole room full of problems, but with the help of friends we realize that that just isn't the case.

One thing is for sure though. Whatever junk happens to come your way, you can handle it.

Just remember to use a delicate touch.