Monday, January 14, 2013

Lauri's pick for February:

book cover of 

The Sleeping Beauty 

 (Five Hundred Kingdoms, book 5)


Mercedes Lackey 

 The Sleeping Beauty by Mercedes Lackey

Heavy is the head - and the eyelids - of the princess who wears the crown.
In Rosamund's realm, happiness hinges on a few simple beliefs:
For every princess there's a prince.
The king has ultimate power.
Stepmothers should never be trusted.
And bad things come to those who break with Tradition..

The moral of the story? Sometimes a princess has to create her own happy endings..


Lauri said...

This is a fun easy book, no thinking required. Just like any fairy tale it is a little silly at times and predictable. It enables you to see behind the scenes of how fairy tales happen. Of course being written by the author of the "Dragons of Pern" there has to be dragons that are described in great detail.

...This was Eltaria, and someone who wore nothing but black was either a poet or an Evil Sorceress, and Rosa hadn't heard Sable declaiming any sonnets or seen her scribbling in velvet covered journals." page 22

Annell said...

You all probably know I have a hard time starting a series with a book other than the 1st. So, I read the first one and it was good, but I didn't know if wanted to read about any more hardened nipples. Seriously. So I was a little leery about picking this one up. I'm VERY happy to report that there are NO hardened nipples in this book and I enjoyed it very much. :)

Favorite Quote:
"The next day, Leopold was in the depths of despair because he didn't have anything black to wear, and there was no rhyme for ensanguined. Siegfried had to push him to do anything, he lost his temper multiples times, and another flood of toads marked every word."