Friday, October 10, 2008

Blast from the Past

In an effort to make our blog a useful, book-choosing tool for all the land (read: an outrageously popular, lucrative endeavor), we've decided to post and comment about past books we've read. I'm starting with a book I chose a few months ago. Fantastic sorta-naughty title don't you think?

This non-fiction book tells the story of J. Maarten Troost, who at age 26 moved with his girlfriend to the far-off South Pacific island of Tarawa. He leaves the states expecting an idyllic tropical paradise and instead finds an rocky atoll (don't worry, he'll tell you what that word means) that could really use more frequent beer shipments and an island-wide sewer system. I think it will make you laugh.


Jen said...

Hey look! I'm the first commenter on my own post--fancy that. Anyway, I did enjoy this book. Probably because I've always wanted to run away from reality and be a beach bum. Troost proves that living in the middle of nowhere isn't all it's cracked up to be. He finds himself in some strange, deprived and disgusting situations but somehow finds the humor in all of it.

Diana said...

Hey Jen, I have a book for your little naughty group. The story or Edgar Sawtelle. You can buy it at walmart. It was so good. I read it and could hardly put it down.
Good to see you have a blog.