Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pam's Pick for May

After loosing her boyfriend and her job in one fell swoop, Noreen finds it hard to know what the next step is-never mind take it. For the first time in a great many years, Noreen has time to herself. So she puts on a new pair of sneakers and a seriously outdated pair of exercise pants, and walks.
It isn't long before she's joined by neighbors Tess and Rosie, two women as lost as she is. As the Wildwater women walk and talk, and talk and walk, they tally their steps, share their secrets, and begin putting their lives back together. And along the way, they learn what women everywhere are finding out-time flies, and getting fit is actually fun when you're walking with friends.


Candy said...

You know how much I disliked the little sister in the last book? Well, I found someone I like even less.
If I'd been Noreen, Tess would have been voted off the island when she refused to get a passport (or possibly the first time I met her, when she was rude about the clothesline). But when Noreen wants to help the school teacher dying of cancer in New Orleans (sure we can't milk that a little more?) by sending her a gift, Tess, self-proclaimed do-gooder, says, "Nice, but I think it might take away from my journals.”
Wow. I disliked her before; after that there was nothing she could do to redeem herself. She is one of the most selfish, irritating characters I've ever read about. Hands down.

On a positive note, I did like this line when Noreen and Tess are talking about what a scare they've just had: “Not me,” Rosie said. “I had the plunger.” (207) Really, how often do you get to use a line like that?

Annell said...

Cute! I really enjoyed that the author took something commonplace and everyday...a walking group...and made it into a novel of the importance of finding oneself and friendship, no matter how different (or irritating) the friend is. I also really like that she included some of the lavender recipes that they used in the story.

I didn't have a favorite quote, but I really cracked up laughing every time the rooster, Rod Stewart, and the hens, The Supremes, showed up. Really, what great names for chickens!

Anonymous said...

The women in this book were a little....uhm....interesting. I thought they got mad and pouted at the weirdest things. Like Tess giving Rosie a vitamin instead of a valium. I really wanted Rosie to laugh and think it was hilarious. But when she got mad and stormed off? I was bugged.

But, I did enjoy the fact that Noreen got her life together and figured things out.

I must say, that I also loved the chickens. If I ever get chickens I am naming them Rod Stewart and the Supremes.